Opening Mosman Integrative Medicine

Just a simple update to let everyone know that we are now live and active at 4 Best Avenue Mosman, just down the road from the Mosman shops. Our new telephone number is 02 9960-5755 (after what can only be described as a momentous struggle with Telstra), and although we are here, the waiting room and second consulting room are still under construction as of mid September.

The practice is beautifully situated on Middle Head, with brisk breezes ensuring clean air and a freshness that many of my patients have already commented on. The building is old and pretty safe for those with chemical sensitivities, and we do have wheelchair access via a ramp through the rear door. Just let us know ahead of time. 

Right now, i am working behind dividers in what will be our Wellness Room when my own room wall is set up in the coming weeks. It's a bit messy, so I can hardly wait for my move to my own room.

More importantly, the division of our practice into a Medical and a Wellness area (wellness takes more of the space, as it should!) is very intentional. Dr Jonathan Turtle, who I have known for over twenty years, and I are the Integrative Medicin doctors on the medical side, and we have plans to bring in other doctors with specialised Integrative Medicine skills as time goes on. But our goal is to shift our patients from medical intervention to wellness practices, including yoga, mindfulness, diet, exercise and lifestyle education both to maintain the gains made by the medical approaches, and ultimately, to provide independence and health based on simple, profound and healthy self-management.

Our goal, in short, is to establish medical management when needed, and build a facility to help you rebuild and maintain your best possible health using the best practices and best evidence to do so.

It's a really exciting and challenging next step for me and for Jonathan, and an opportunity to use our many years of clinical experience to build something profoundly different and supportive of health using an Integrative and Integrated model.

Welcome to Mosman Integrative Medicine. The journey begins