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Mosman Integrative Medicine 4 Best Avenue, Mosman

Mosman Integrative Medicine
4 Best Avenue, Mosman

Two of Australia's best known Integrative Medicine doctors, Dr Mark Donohoe and Dr Jonathan Turtle, have joined their practices and knowledge to bring 65 years of experience to Mosman Integrative Medicine.

Mosman Integrative Medicine is a multidisciplinary facility to be found just 1 km from the heart of Mosman at 4 Best Avenue, Mosman (in the Georges Heights precinct). We aim to bring together the best of Integrative Medicine and Preventive Healthcare approaches, with an exciting range of services, products and educational programs that we believe will redefine truly integrative and integrated healthcare. 

Mosman Integrative Medicine Practice Details

Please note that each practitioner has variations on the hours and general fee statements below
For Dr Donohoe's details, click here
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If interested in signing up for the Type 2 Diabetes trial, email your name and contact number to our Practice Manager

To register your interest in Bloom Yoga and Wellbeing Lifestyle Medicine courses and resources please email your name and contact details to Fiona or visit Womb in Bloom

Practice Hours
Monday  8:30 AM - 6 PM
Tuesday  8:30 AM - 6 PM
Wednesday - CLOSED
Thursday8:30 AM - 6 PM
Friday  8:30 AM - 5 PM

Practice Address
4 Best Ave, Mosman 2088
(in the Georges Heights precinct)

Parking and Access
Free parking with no time limit is available in Crane St, and Suakin Drive, both close and next to Best Avenue
Limited parking is available in Best Ave itself
Bus route 244 from Wynyard Station to Middle Head Rd, Georges Heights near Cobbittee St
Bus route 238 from Taronga Zoo to Middle Head Rd / Corner Beaconsfield

Phone & Fax
Tel:  +61 2 9960-5755
Fax: +61 2 8569-0185


Consulting Fees

New Patients
New patients are typically seen for 1 to 1 1/2 hours by Dr Turtle, and 2 to 3 hours (depending on complexity) by Dr Donohoe. New patient fees are typically between $400 and $900 depending on the doctor and consultation duration. Please see more details in each of the doctors' pages (above)

Returning Patients
Please refer to each of the doctor's pages above for hourly billing rates

Telephone / skype consults / email queriesPlease Please refer to each of the doctor's pages above for hourly billing rates

Scripts and forms
See individual doctors' pages
Forms are charged on a time basis

Email & Web
Admin about all practice matters
Practice email

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Mosman Integrative Medicine website

Other Practice Information (General)

The following information is simply background information of a general nature. Please note that each practitioner differs in terms of RACGP accreditation and approaches to billing, pathology and Medicare rebates. Please read more details in the following areas.
For Dr Donohoe's details, click here
For Dr Turtle's details, click here

Medicare rebates 
Medicare rebates are generally applicable for Australians for all medical consultations related to illness and disease diagnosis and treatment. Medicare does not cover prevention generally, and that is one of Medicare's greatest failings! It is an excellent disease treatment system, but a poor disease prevention system.

Mosman Integrative Medicine does not bulk-bill under any circumstances. All payments must be made at the conclusion of the consultation.

Long consultations
Complex and chronic illnesses are extremely difficult to manage within the constraints of normal General Practice in Australia, with its high reward for consultations under 15 minutes addressing one medical item per consultation.

Shoehorning patients into brief consultations always resulted in compromises. To practice "Integrative Medicine", with the focus solely on the best care of our patients, we have had to decouple consultations and fees from the Medicare rebate.



Phone, FaceTime and Skype consultations
Many of our patients are very sick and come from outside the Sydney area, often from interstate or abroad. While much of the work and planning is done at the first consultation, follow-up consultations are usually required when all test results are back.

Telephone or video consultations are available for such follow-up of initial response to treatment and to identify abnormalities on the pathology testing which require additional or alternative treatment, further testing or referral.

The duration of these consultations can vary from a few minutes to more than an hour and are billed in increments of 10 minutes.

Selling treatments
There are a number of therapeutics that I prescribe that are not easily available in Australia, or are available only at considerable cost or with considerable difficulty. When this results in patients failing to take their prescribed treatment, we try to source these products for my patients at the lowest possible cost and for their convenience.

Mr Digby

Mr Digby, our much-loved Maltese Cavalier poodle, has been an important part of Dr Donohoe's patient care at MIM, and has delighted, calmed and supported many a patient over his eight years of "work" with us. 

Patients who do not want any contact with dogs, or who may be allergic to animals should let us know so that we can make sure he is not in the vicinity of the Practice on the day of your appointment. 

Mr Digby made a name for himself chasing ducks on YouTube a while back. Over 13 million people have viewed the video on YouTube and Facebook, and it can be watched by clicking here.


A young and neat Mr Digby (Woof)

A young and neat Mr Digby (Woof)

A somewhat older and more "punk" Mr Digby

A somewhat older and more "punk" Mr Digby