Hello, I am Dr Jonathan Turtle, an Integrative Medicine specialist with over 30 years experience treating chronic and complex medical conditions.

I graduated in Medicine from the University of New South Wales in 1980 and then practiced for over 30 years in Canberra, the last 25 of which as a specialist Integrative Medical doctor. 

I have now decided to work full time in one specialised practice closer to home, in Mosman, together with another well-known and highly respected Integrative Medical specialist, Dr Mark Donohoe. We are very excited by the opportunities to work closely together and to build a leading edge Integrative Medical Practice

Practice Details for Dr Turtle

Practice Hours
Monday  8:30 AM - 6 PM
Tuesday  8:30 AM - 6 PM
Wednesday - CLOSED
Thursday8:30 AM - 6 PM
Friday  8:30 AM - 5 PM

Practice Address
4 Best Ave, Mosman 2088
(in the Georges Heights precinct)

Parking and Access
Free parking with no time limit is available in Crane St, and Suakin Drive, both close and next to Best Avenue
Limited parking is available in Best Ave itself
Bus route 244 from Wynyard Station to Middle Head Rd, Georges Heights near Cobbittee St
Bus route 238 from Taronga Zoo to Middle Head Rd / Corner Beaconsfield

Phone & Fax
Tel:  02 9960 5755
Fax: 02 8569 1854

Email & Web -
Admin about all practice matters
Practice email

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Consulting Fees

New Patients
all new patients bring to their first consultation, any pathology or imaging reports over the previous 12 months, any specialist consultation reports, all current medications and supplements

Complex & Chronic Health issues    $500    
up to 90 minute consultation

Menopausal Management    $350    
up to 60 minute consultation

Anti-Aging & Preventative Health Program    $500  
up to 90 minute consultation

Subsequent consultations
Fees for all services  $350/hr    
$300/hr for aged and disability pensioners
This includes the time spent by the Doctor before and after face time with a patient, in which their history, forms, investigations and management are reviewed. 

Telephone / Skype consults / email queries
$50 per 10 minutes

Scripts and forms
From $15 for up to 2 scripts (additional for extra time)

Other Information about Dr Turtle's Practice

Medicare rebates 
Medicare rebates apply only to consultations in person and as such do not apply to phone or email consultations. The level of rebate is determined by both the time and the content of the consultation. 
Medicare has historically had difficulties accepting that the content of Integrative Medicine is appropriate for its guidelines, specifically that it must be “generally accepted by our peers”. It is not interested in the scientific validity nor the efficacy of Integrative Medicine, simply that its charter determines that it is there only to support generally accepted medical practices. Because Integrated Medicine is still not generally accepted by our conservative peers this means that there is controversy over the content descriptors of the item numbers we use. Thus, except for the initial consultations which are all billed as item 44 and receive a rebate of $105, all subsequent consultations, irrespective of the time the consultation takes, will be an item 23 with a rebate of $37.

Pathology and other tests requested
Integrated Medicine has a very broad physiological view of health and disease. Investigations are a very important part of identifying what are the underlying genetic, nutritional, physiological and pathological patterns that are contributing to each patient’s specific symptoms. Many of these tests are not available under Medicare and some are available for Medicare rebates only under specific guidelines which may not apply in their use in IM. 
It is thus an unfortunate reality that patients need to realise that investigations costs out of pocket may be several hundred dollars, and occasionally significantly more. These will be discussed with patients during consultations.



Supplements and treatments
A very important part of the IM treatment approach is to use nutritional and herbal supplements in order to correct damaged and unbalanced physiological systems which are causing symptoms and disease. Whenever possible we try to avoid pills and let diet and lifestyle management be the bedrock of treatment. The reality, however, is that for many disease states, diet alone cannot provide the levels of specific nutrients required for adequate control of symptoms and restoration of health. As such, supplements are often required.
Supplements are unfortunately not covered by pharmaceutical benefits and so the costs must be borne by the patient. We are very aware of this and thus try and keep recommendations to a minimum.
Please note, that it is very important to take the supplements as prescribed in the specific forms and doses as recommended. Differing brands of a similar nutrient can have very different potencies and purities, a very good example of which is with fish oils. Because many of the supplements that we recommend are “practitioner only” they may be quite hard to source. For this reason we will provide patients with specific alternatives as to where they may be able to obtain them, including specific pharmacies, as well as various online ordering systems.
Two common fallacies about supplements are that they are weak in effect, and that they can have no side effects. Both of these are incorrect. Nutritional and herbal supplements can often have quite significant physiological effects and be as, and sometimes more effective than many pharmaceutical medications. And while it is true that supplements are generally much safer than pharmaceuticals, it is important to realise that they still can have some untoward side effects. For this reason we strongly recommend patients commence their recommended supplements one by one, adding in a new supplement each day or two, and to start at a low dose and increase the dose slowly over a week or two.